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The Change Maker's Playbook: Unlocking Innovation with Amy Radin

Episode Summary

What does it take to be a successful innovator? Join us as we dive deep into the core principles and strategies of effective innovators and changemakers with Amy Radin, award-winning author, strategist, and former Chief Innovation Officer at Citibank and E-Trade.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we’re talking to Amy Radin, an award-winning author, innovator, and corporate strategist. She was the Chief Innovation Officer for Citibank and E-Trade and was responsible for their early digital transformation. In our interview, we talk about how to innovate successfully, whether you’re at a startup or Fortune 500 company. Amy shares the connection between successful innovation and understanding your customers’ emotions and motivations, how to spot opportunities for innovation in your company, and how to make sure your ideas don’t get stuck in the quagmire of corporate bureaucracy. 

Find Amy's book The Change Maker's Playbook and learn more about her innovation strategies at

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About Amy Radin

Amy is a highly experienced, down-to-earth, visionary, and pragmatic innovation expert. She was Citi’s first Global Chief Innovation Officer, and also held executive marketing positions at American Express and AXA. She now works with leaders faced with the imperative to innovate, helping them pursue new sources of growth and value while reducing the inevitable risks.

Amy has had the unique opportunity to lead or advise on digital, marketing, and innovation transformations at Fortune companies, privately-held middle-market businesses, early-stage startups and not-for-profits. She has produced results with a customer-focused, collaborative mindset and a willingness to question and depart from the status quo when what worked in the past constrains creating the future.

Through her diverse experiences, Amy has created and pressure-tested the Seek, Seed, and Scale framework.

What sets Amy apart is her understanding of the reality of organizational culture and complexity, and her realistic approach to what innovation success requires. She uniquely lays the path between market need and the internal mechanisms to deliver.

The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company is newly available in paperback, as well as hardcover, e-book and audio formats. In both the Playbook and as a keynote speaker, Amy shares her tremendous expertise and perspective, with her characteristically authentic voice, on what it takes to identify and create new sources of value and growth for any organization’s stakeholders.

Amy is a graduate of The Wharton School and Wesleyan University. She lives in the New York City metro area.